Keep temperature in mind. Plasticine will under-extrude when below room temperature (±20°C).

  1. Push the piston to the other end of the tube. Do not fasten the rear collar yet.
  2. Warm up plasticine in your hands and push it into the tube. Make sure that no air bubbles are formed. The piston should be pushed backwards by the plasticine. This can be tough, but apply a steady amount of pressure will push the piston back.
  3. Fasten the rear collar.
  4. Push the nozzle into the material.
  5. Screw it down with the front collar.
  6. Attach it to the EMO-25 tool head

- Can be used over and over again. This is a good material for testing.

Proven slicer profiles?

  1. Hot water & soap?
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