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  • Kies zwart-wit of kleur (EDU of ADM maakt niet uit)
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  • Ga naar de afdeling grafiek (verdieping 3)
  • Leg KASK-kaart op de printer
  • Selecteer je budget. Privé of ART1
  • Klik op Secure print
  • Selecteer je file
  • Klik 'print'.

Sanding 3D prints makes it appear matte.

Removing material is best done by a sanding disk on a Dremel.

  • Put on eye protection.
  • Set the speed low (the dial should indicate the number 10). This is to keep the temperature low in order to avoid melting the plastic. This way it chips off, rather than gunking up into blobs.
  • Make several light passes. A spray of tiny plastic particles should come off at each pass.
  • The Dremel leaves a rough surface. Clean it up with a regular light sanding.

Formlab - Grav website CMS system

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  • Open new explorer window
  • Right-click on 'This PC'
  • Click on Map Network Drive…
  • in 'Folder', write: \\IP-address-of-mac\shared-folder-name
  • Enter the username and password the shared folder is connected to
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