Formlab introduction workshop

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Nefertiti hack
By Nora Al-Badri & Jan Nikolai Nelles
Scanning Nefertiti illegally in the Neues Museum Berlin and bringing it back to Cairo - Egypt.
Colonial notion of possession.

Free Universal Construction Kit By F.A.T.

Material Speculation: ISIS
By Moreshin Allahyari Video
3D scanning & printing as a tool for resistance and documentation.
Demolitions by ISIS in Mosul.

Experiments with filament extrusion using Gcode to balance control and chaos.

The 3D Additivist Cookbook
By Moreshin Allahyari & Daniel Rourke
A responce to Donna Haraway’s 1984 text 'A Cyborg Manifesto'.

By Matthew Vincent and Chance Coughenour
Digital preservation of lost cultural heritage using crowdsourced data in a cooperative, open-source project.

Rébecca Brunet - Thumbfoot

Carsten Henrion - Clamp element

Maya Onzia - resting pad

Tobias Van Nieuwenhove - toe-gloves

Fashion students - Shoe lasts made by 3D scanning the student's feet

Kilian Goderis - custom shoe sole mould

Kamiel De Waal - Collages
Intervening in the standard 3D printing workflow.

Floor Vandenberghe - Repetition Legitimizes (until failure)
Note: A 3D printers printing bed got replaced by a computer screen. A camera shows its feed on the screen while an object-detection algorithm tries to make sense of the feedback loop. Depending on its sensemaking the 3D printer adjusts its behaviour, modifying the sequences it prints, modifying the feedback loop.

Floor Vandenberghe - Nested For-Loops
A computer tirelessly makes attempts at pleasing a canary through sequences of synthesized sounds, a 3D printer takes notes. Initially, six random sequences are generated, one for each lever in the canary’s cage. Based on the bird’s choice six new sequences are generated, the bird decides on the meme’s fitness for reproduction. The next day six algorithmically bred new sequences replace the old ones, only for the process to repeat itself. Hoping to find the canary’s ideal meme, through mimicking evolutionary principles.

Jerry Galle - Ress Object

Jerry Galle - AI object recognition, infrathin

Jerry Galle - Beetorrent

Amandine David & Esmé Hofman - Filament weaving
Crafts & technology in a hybrid manufacturing process.

Pepa Ivanova - Hybrid Species

Shortcut Fuction
0 Camera view
1 Front
3 Right
7 Top
Numpad . or personalized key Frame selected
Alt + left mouse button  Orbit
Alt + shift + left mouse button  Pan
Scroll wheel Zoom
Shortcut Fuction
G Grab (translate)
R Rotate
S Scale
Alt + G Reset translate. Same for rotate and scale

Constrain to global axes:
Press the X, Y or Z key once after a transform shortcut.
For example: G + X (move on the global x-axis).

Constrain to local axes:
Press the X, Y or Z key twice after a transform shortcut.
For example: R + Z + Z (rotate on the local z-axis).

Shortcut Fuction
A Select all
Alt + A Deselect all
Cmd + I Invert selection
L Select linked
Double click between vertices Select linked
Select first vertex, then cmd + select second vertex  Select shortest path
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