Welcome to the 3D-print and -scan lab of the School of Arts Ghent

Formlab printed flexible substrates for experiments by Laboratorium with structural colours.
Ward De Ruytter printed stairs for his architectural model.
A green-yellow tinted spool of recycled filament by Uģis Albiņš
Experiments with microscopic views of growing birefringent crystals. A collaboration with Maria Boto from Laboratorium
An aluminum prototype connector for research project ‘Japanese techniques’
Freshly extruded filament, pigmented with powder from the algae D. Salina. A project by Tools for Things and Ideas in collaboration with Laboratorium.
Bringing a 3D print and a growing organism together in an intimate relationship. This is an object featured in 'La Bahia', one of the three parts from the Petrilogy series where the video's take the petri dish as a canvas. This is a collaboration with Maria Boto from Laboratorium
A scan of Viktor Froyen was digitally aged and printed
Experiments with alternative printing methods don't always turn out pretty
3D scans of Lilly the fish and some plastic teeth by Milla Van Der Graaf
Aluminum brackets for Eloïse Baele
Patterned wooden piece for an assembly by Beata Kwaśnica
Ball and socket-joint tests for a stop motion animation puppet are put in the oven to remove the support wax.
A pretty failure
Modular parts for an animation puppet of Jeanneke Pis. A project by Sofia Erzini
Finishing a resin print made with the Projet 3600. The objects will become necklace pendants of a tiny Jesus crucified on a cross modeled after an IUD. This is a work by Julia Lackner.
Jewelry prototypes by Bernadette Kretzschmar
Using an old lens on a DSLR with a printed M42 to EF mount adapter
An 8-knot connector piece by Bernadette Kretzschmar
Parabasis by Eloïse Baele
'A' from Argo. An experiment by Hanne Lemmens
A toe-protector by Tobias Van Nieuwenhove.
A series of objects that will be analyzed by an AI. A project by Jerry Galle
Tiny connector test pieces by Beata Kwaśnica
Using 3D printed fixtures, small series are possible
Material experiments for light design by Vincent Rennie
A textured tile by Keenan Van Looveren
Stone-like objects sculpted by Emma Van Den Berghe
A tiny 3D-printed spur gear
A test print on the plaster powder printer Projet 660
Johannes Obers printed a pipe with a custom extruded filament where uncoloured PLA granulate was mixed with cigarette ashes
A mold pattern for a clay tablet map by Mats Wosky
Tiny parts for a vinyl record cutter by Kris Catteau
Printing with leftover bits of filament creates a chaotic multicolored object
A quick & dirty rigging method to animate 3D scans here