3D printing a single contour-line in Cura

For a graphic cross-section look.

  • Move your 3D model down so it intersects with the build platform at the chosen Z-height.
  • Set build plate adhesion to none
  • Optional: in 'Special Modes', set 'Surface Mode' to surface. This slices just the outer contour of the 3D model and ignores the infill etc.

  • Go to Extensions > Post Processing > Modify G-Code. Add script Pause at height. Change settings to:
    • Pause at: Layer No.
    • Pause Layer: 1
    • Disarm timeout: 1s
    • Standby Temperature: 0°C
  • Save the G-code file to a USB stick and print.
  • The printer is paused after the single layer. Navigate the printer menu to Tune > Abort to actually stop the print.

Tested on

  • Ultimaker 3
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