3devo Extruder

±0,1mm deviation is in spec:

Bad: < 2.75mm
In spec: 2.75mm
In spec: 2.85mm
In spec: 2.95mm
Bad: < 2.95mm

  • let hopper run enpty for approximately 15 - 20 sec
  • add little batches of material each time
  • when the extrusion is pure, add more of the material

PLA can stay in extruder after shutting down. Other materials need to be flushed out (with purge material or PLA)

  • 4-6 hours @70-80°C.
  • Other sources say to stay below 40°C
  • When the filament is too brittle
  • Boil water in a large pot.
  • Place a test piece of filament into the boiling water with tongs for 6 seconds.
  • Allow the filament to dry completely (we recommend at least 24 hours). Do not dry the filament in direct sunlight.
  • Test the re-hydrated filament with your 3D printer.
    • If filament sizzles when printing, we recommend re-running the process, but only re-hydrate the filament for 2-3 seconds
    • If the filament is still too brittle, run the process but re-hydrate for 10-12 seconds.
  • Submerge the entire spool in boiling water for the same amount of time which worked for the test piece.
  • Allow the spool to dry for at least 24 hours.
  • Your filament roll is now hydrated and ready to use again.

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