• Cylinders can be combined for larger volume prints.
    • M0 x0 y200 (Pauses the print and brings the tool head forward so the current cylinder can be swapped out for a new one. When ready, press continue).
  • Keep cylinders CLEAN. Dry material inside is the #1 problem.
  • No air in cylinders. Air will make the material delivery spongy. Accurate control is impossible this way.
  • manuals are at Desktop > repetrel > Manuals. Check the Accessories folder for manuals about the toolheads.
  • Choosing another Slicer Profile
    • Make sure you select first the project file (Main) and then the 3D object in the project window before choosing a new slicing profile. This is a quirk of the Repetrel software. Make sure to Add consistent notes to the slicer profiles, so you can notice them in the G-code preview (they are printed on top of the file). This makes it easier to see exactly which profile you selected

Dialing in new material settings

  • Apart from the slicer profile, the tool-head controls the flow of material
    • Prime: whenever transitioning from a non-printing move to a printing move.
    • Unprime: whenever transitioning from a printing move to a non-printing move.
    • Adjust these settings by halving or doubling the steps and rate, making a test print and then reassessing.
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