Prepare the machine

  1. Power on
    1. Turn on the power supply on the left side of the machine.
    2. Turn on the machine by pressing the round metal power-button on the left bottom of the front panel:
  2. Make connection
    1. Open Repetrel on the computer (Repetrel is not running on the tablet anymore).
    2. Test the connection by clicking on the Light button on top of the Repetrel UI:
  3. Home
    1. You NEED to home the machine before starting any other motion
    2. Home the X and Y axes (!)
    3. Home the Z axis (!)
      1. Put a piece of paper under the nozzle.
      2. Click Enable Z-calibrate. When the button is red and the arrow on it's right is lit up yellow, It is now possible to carefully raise the bed to the nozzle.
        1. The arrows show the motion from the perspective of the table:
          1. UP = closer to the nozzle
          2. DOWN = further away from the nozzle
      3. Raise the bed until the paper is lightly pinched between the nozzle and the bed.
      4. Un-click Enable Z-calibration to set the current position as Z-ZERO.
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