3D modeling software

Mesh modeling
  • Tinkercad - Entry level 3D modeling (free)
  • Meshmixer - Good for sculpting and mesh-repair (free).
  • Blender - Amazing all round 3D software application (free & open source)
  • Meshroom - Photogrammetry software (free & open source)
CAD modeling
  • Freecad - CAD modeling (free & open source, think Blender for CAD)
  • Fusion 360 - Cad modeling & CAM (free for students and hobbyists)
    • Register for a free student licence here
    • Renew student licences here
  • Onshape - Online collaborative CAD modeling (free for students and hobbyists if you freely share your designs).
  • openSCAD Create parametric 3D shapes from code (free)

3D modeling tutorials — for Meshmixer

3D modeling tutorials — for Blender

Beginner tutorials
Intermediate tutorials
More advanced tutorials

Slicing software

  • Cura - open source slicing software
  • Kiri:Moto - Online slicing & visualisation engine for FDM and CAM

3D models

3D scans

Other resources

Prototyping info

3D filament

How to print with...

3D material overview

Using self tapping screws in a 3D print.

  • A screw with a diameter of 2,85mm fits well in a pilot hole of 2,5mm diameter.
  • Rule of thumb: a pilot hole that is 70-80% the diameter of the screw should work.
  • Info sheet about self tapping plastic screws (link opens in Safari. Chrome seems to have trouble with it)

Fusion 360 tutorials

Autodesk Self-paced learning for Fusion 360

Design guidelines

Mechanical Design guidelines for 3D Printing nuts and bolts, snap-fit pivots and dovetail joints.

Design guidelines for FDM printing

Design guidelines for CNC machining

Tips for press-fit parts

3D print related

Which Plastics Are Recyclable?

3D print materials