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Universal Robots UR10 robot arm

Collaborative robot-arm


  • 3D scanner tool head

In development

This tool head was made to drill a grid of almost 500 holes into the base plate of the thermoform machine.

The program is made and executed on the teaching pendant.

The Dremel is strapped to the upper arm of the robot and secured with zip ties, using a curved block of foam.

Slide the Dremel flex-arm in the 3D printed holder. Make sure it is attached to the tool change plate. Check that the bolt-heads are not sticking out on the side that will mount to the robot arm. The tool changer needs low profile bolts. Attach the tool to the robot arm and install a 1mm drill in the chuck.

I had a piece of wood on a table with a layer of thick cardboard underneath, but with the robot arm, it is possible to drill in walls, upright panels etc… (The cardboard in the picture should have been thicker).

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