patterned wooden piece for an assembly by Beata Kwaśnica.
Parabasis by Eloïse Baele
The support material is melted away in an oven
Different stages in the finishing process of a resin print made with the Projet 3600. The objects will become necklace pendants of a tiny Jesus crucified on a cross modeled after an IUD. This is a work by Julia Lackner.
A green-yellow tinted spool of recycled filament by Uģis Albiņš
Ball and socket-joint tests for a stop motion animation puppet are put in the oven to remove the support wax.
Jewelry prototypes by Bernadette Kretzschmar
An 8-knot connector piece by Bernadette Kretzschmar
Using an old lens on a DSLR with a M42 to EF mount adapter