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 ===== future tool heads ===== ===== future tool heads =====
   * 3D scanner tool head   * 3D scanner tool head
-  *  
-===== Brush attachment ===== 
 +===== Broom handle attachment =====
 ===== 3D print attachment ===== ===== 3D print attachment =====
 In development In development
 ===== Pen plotter attachment ===== ===== Pen plotter attachment =====
 +Used by [[http://hisk.edu/mw/index.php/Diego_Lama|Diego Lama]] to scratch drawings into car parts
 ===== Webcam attachment ===== ===== Webcam attachment =====
 ===== DSLR attachment ===== ===== DSLR attachment =====
 ===== Hole drilling attachment ===== ===== Hole drilling attachment =====
 {{:ur10_robot_arm:griddrill_poster_web.jpg?600|}}\\ {{:ur10_robot_arm:griddrill_poster_web.jpg?600|}}\\
-This tool head was made to drill a grid of almost 500 holes into the base plate of the thermoform machine.+This tool head turns the robot into an automated hole drilling machine. Good for elaborate hole patterns that would be tedious to do manually.
-==== Physicial setup ==== +Based on [[https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2475928|this design]].
-The program is made and executed on the teaching pendant.+
-\\ +The 3D printed part attaches to a [[https://www.grip-gmbh.com/connect/mgw/mgw063|Grip toolchanger underplate (G-MGW063-2U)]].
-The Dremel is strapped to the upper arm of the robot and secured with zip ties, using curved block of foam.+
-The Dremel flex arm is installed with a 1mm drill in the chuck.+Download the 3D files {{ :ur10_robot_arm:ur_dremel_flex_clamp.zip |here}}.\\ 
 +Attach the clamps to the largest part with M4 screws and nuts.\\ 
 +Attach the largest part to the tool changer with 4 M5x16 low profile bolts and 4 M4 nuts 
 +=== Applications === 
 +  * [[:ur10_robot_arm:Drilling holes in a grid]]
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