Tripodmaker maintenance

  • clean v-grooved wheels with a plastic brush
  • clean v-rails the wheels ride on
  • clean feeder teeth
    • connect via usb to computer
    • in Printrun, open port /dev/tty.usbmodem1421 and use baud rate 115200
  • vacuum away the dust

  • vacuum the rod ends too. They collect tiny metal particles that are attracted to the magnet.
  • clean hot-end
  • check if Bowden tube doesn't have internal resistance
  • clean build plate with hot water

Keep the wheels and magnetic bearings free of dust. These black components are made from POM and attract dust. Preventing dust to accumulate elongates their lifetime.

Tightening eccentric nut. No need to loosen the hex bolt first.

Check your carts on wobble after a while. If the carts are loose on the track, you can tighten the eccentric nut in order to remove the cart wobble. The carts must run smooth. If you over tighten the eccentric nut, you will need to use allot of force to move the cart and it will seem you have “hick-ups” during the sliding maneuver.

Make sure that the nozzle and hot-end are cleaned when loaded with plastic residues. To clean of the nozzle, simply heat it until the plastic gets sticky, and use a printed cube to peel of the sticky plastic.

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