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 {{:axidraw:axidraw-v3-a3-personal-writing--drawing-robot.jpg?nolink&200|}} {{:axidraw:axidraw-v3-a3-personal-writing--drawing-robot.jpg?nolink&200|}}
-A3 pen plotter+A3 pen plotter. There are 3 available. 
 +==== Quick Setup ==== 
 +Read the [[|manual]] first (this is a summary) 
 +  - Move the AxiDraw to its Home Corner. 
 +  - Plug in power and USB cables. 
 +  - Clip in your pen, with height just above the paper. 
 +  - Position your paper with its upper-left corner below the pen tip. 
 +  - In Inkscape 
 +    - ''Extensions > AxiDraw Control''. Go to tab ''setup''. Click the ''Toggle pen between UP, DOWN'' option. Click apply to toggle the pen down and back up to check the correct vertical movement. 
 +    - ''Extensions > AxiDraw Control''. Go to tab ''Plot'' and click Apply to start plotting.  
 +      - Each visible layer will print. 
 +For single line fonts, check Inkscape ''Extensions > text > Hershey text'' 
 +Download the manual [[|here]]
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