Split object in half to 3D-print hollow sides

Load the model into Blender.

Add a plane. This will be the cutting plane. If you want to reorient it, only do so in 90 degree increments. This will make it easier to lay the models flat in the slicer application.

Orient the model (not the plane) in order to get the cut where you'd like it.

Duplicate the model and name clearly.

  • Select one of the duplicated models and hide the other one.
  • Add a boolean modifier to the model.
  • Select the plane as tool.
  • Set the operation mode to “difference”.
  • Apply the modifier.
  • Hide the result

  • Unhide the other duplicated models
  • Extrude the plane into a cube so it covers the side of the model that the previous operation deleted

  • Add a boolean modifier to the model
  • Select the extruded plane as tool.
  • Set the operation mode to “Intersect”.
  • Apply the modifier.

Unhide both models and a clear seam should appear, showing that the model is made out of 2 halves.

Select the faces of the halves and delete them.

  • Load the halves in Cura
  • Rotate and move them in place
  • If you need to scale the models, start by scaling one to size. Then copy the size percentage value and paste it into the second model.

  • Select the “hollow” profile, or configure your own settings.
  • Now you're ready to print the model

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